Living Through The Trials Of Life


There are times in our lives where we need to step back from the negative and positive aspects in our lives and evaluate them in order to truly understand ourselves. Their is a notion in this society of living our lives to the fullest, everyday. Even though this is entirely justified because there is not a guarantee that you will have tomorrow but there also isn’t a guarantee that you won’t have tomorrow. Instead of rushing through your life so you can check off a bucket list, do something with quality and enjoy the moment you are in. I constantly remind myself that I am young; I am only nineteen. I remind myself that everything does not have to be done right now. There is time for the things that are meant to be done in my life, and I am here to remind you of this very same notion. As I sit back and observe the people around me, I see people over working themselves, complaining about their unhappiness, and how they do not have time for the things they actually want. You are the only one with the power to change something in your life. Instead of saying I can’t, go out and find the ways you can. It may not be today or tomorrow, but you can make it happen one day. Until then, pick out the things in your life that make you happy instead of consuming yourself with the negative that is present. Everybody has something going on in their life, but it is handled differently by everyone.

We are put through trials and tribulations through out our entire life for reasons we may never know, but they are meant to happen. Instead of constantly searching for answers, just ask the questions and live your life through the search. The answers will come to you when it is meant to happen. There will be things in your life that will point you to the answers of the questions you have asked or they will point you in the direction of the path to the answers. As cliche as it sounds, you just need to love the life you have been given, hardships and all.

A positive mindset is something that needs to be spread throughout our society. This is where life, change, and happiness can prevail. There will be times where you feel so deep in whatever may be going on in your life that there isn’t an end in sight, but one day it will end so you can move on, and move forward. Everything has an ending. Instead of planning for that end, be present in every moment even though it may be negative because there is much for you to learn during that time.  The trial you are going through right now will end and you will have a moment in your life where you can stop and say, you feel as though you can actually move forward. You may not be aware of the direction or the destination, but it is an adventure or journey you are meant to go through. You may not even know why you are going on this journey or what you are even looking for, but you must go with it. Have faith and confidence in who you are, so you can be pointed in the direction of where you are meant to be and actually find what you are searching for in life.



Spicy Spinach Salad With A Crunch


This salad was actually inspired by the left over produce of another recipe which will be coming soon. From this salad, you will get protein, healthy fats, and countless numbers of vitamins and nutrients.



– 1/2 of a beef steak tomato

– 3/4 of an avocado

– Lots of spinach

– 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds or chia seeds

– Crushed gluten free crackers

– 1 teaspoon of vegan cheese (optional)

– Black pepper

– 3/4 of lemon juice (freshly squeezed)

– 2 teaspoons of hummus


How to prepare:

I personally like to chop up my spinach, however you can eat the whole leaf if thats what you prefer. After the spinach is chopped, I place it aside in a decent size bowl and massage in the dressing, which in my case was cilantro and jalapeño hummus. Next, dice the tomato and avocado into medium size pieces and pour over the spinach. Now, you can pour the hemp seeds, pepper, vegan cheese and lemon juice over the salad. Mix together and enjoy! It was super filling!

P.S. I had 2 bowls of this salad because it was so good!

2 Tips To Surviving The Obstacles In Your Life

There are things that happen with in our daily lives that are unfair, complicated and not deserving, but they do not define us. Obstacles are placed in front of us on a daily basis. Actually, it feels as through obstacles are thrown at us with out any warning. Sometimes it feels as though you are drowning in darkness with out any light in sight, but the most important thing to remember is to not get lost in the darkness because it does not define you, as do not the words of others. You know who you are and the words of others can not change that, neither can the obstacles you face in life. It is easy to lose your self in the negativity but there are many ways to get through these obstacles in order to create happiness and light.


1. Find a good support system: A good support system is vital to a happy life. The vibes you share with in human interaction can shape your day and even your life, so it is extremely important to be very picky about those you let in your life. When a relationship is toxic, such as friends, partners, or even family, you have the power to say that this relationship does not have any room in my life because it is too toxic. These types of relationships will diminish your self esteem and make you feel worthless, even though you are worth the world. God would not have put you on this earth, if there wasn’t something special about you. There is a purpose to your life, and most of us spend our entire lives searching for that purpose. This support system is a place where everyones’ happiness feeds off of each other to create a safe haven, usually amongst really close friends.

2. Be your own motivation: Do not rely on anyone to motivate you. Motivation needs to come from love. When it comes form anything else, such as fear, threats, or negativity, it becomes tainted. The thing you are trying to become motivated for becomes a negative element in you life when you are not the one that produced the motivation. You are the only one that knows who you really are, and that translates into your decisions.  A very important tip to get through any obstacle is to trust your self and your ability to do what is right for you in spite of what others may say or think.


P.S. Just keep smiling.





A Vegan’s Grocery List


In my latest article I shared what I keep in my fridge. As for these week, I have been asked by many people how much I spend on a weekly basis, where I go and what I actually buy so I was inspired to share my grocery list with you all today, according to the store I attend.

Trader Joes:
– Hemp seeds
– Papaya
– Avocado
– Flax seed/rice crackers
– Salsa
– Vegan mozzarella cheese
– Coconut water

My local farmers market :
– Sweet potato
– Bananas
– Tomato
– Several kinds of oranges

I usually spend between 30-45 dollars a day, give or take.